An additional information resource vstup.lpnu is launched for entrants to Lviv Polytechnic

Заставка до матеріалу

An additional information resource vstup.lpnu has started operating for entrants to Lviv Polytechnic. The website contains all the necessary information about the admission campaign, educational programs, a list of EIT subjects required for a particular specialty, deadlines and dates for applications, documents and exams for postgraduate students and those who intend to apply for a Master’s degree program. And a lot of other useful information.

vstup.lpnu was presented on December 22 as part of the Open Day, which brought together several hundred high school students and their parents from different cities of Ukraine. During the meeting, future entrants had the opportunity to hear the answers to the most common questions related to the admission campaign, and to learn about the benefits of studying at Lviv Polytechnic. Mykhailo Honchar, Executive Secretary of the Admissions Committee, answered in detail the questions sent by the participants before the meeting and to those asked directly at the event.

Numerous appeals from entrants about the need for convenient navigation and concise information about the admission campaign to Lviv Polytechnic were the impetus to create a resource for entrants. Also on this website in a separate block there are the answers to the most common questions from entrants, which will be constantly updated. In addition, the resource allows you to quickly and easily find a specialty or educational program in accordance with the subjects of external independent evaluation, which will be chosen by the entrant. A chatbot, which will further facilitate communication with entrants, will soon be launched as well.

More information about the admission campaign is also posted on the main website of Lviv Polytechnic in the Admissions section. Therefore, entrants who are interested in studying at our University have a double opportunity to get all the necessary information on how to become a Polytechnic student.