The Culver Aviation company handed over a 3D printer and a soldering station to Lviv Polytechnic

Нова техніка від Culver Aviation

Culver Aviation has handed over to the Department of Oil and Gas Engineering and Welding new equipment that will be used for training under the new educational program «Unmanned Aerial Vehicles».

Serhii Ivanov, СCO, Culver Aviation, explained why the company decided to help the University and how the transferred equipment can contribute to the education of students.

– How did the company participate in the Polytechnic development? What equipment is provided?

– Talking with the management of the educational institution, in particular with Olesia Maksymovych, head of the Department of Oil and Gas Engineering and Welding, we realized that faculty and students lack modern technology for an effective educational process. Therefore, Oleksandr Danylenko, CEO, Culver Aviation, decided to hand over the relevant equipment to the Department. He, like me, is a graduate of a technical institution of higher education and perfectly understands how important it is for students to acquire practical skills working with technology during their studies. And as a Ukrainian manufacturer of UAVs, our company is directly interested in the training of qualified engineers and is glad to help make education in this direction more applied and modern.

3D printing has established itself positively in the unmanned industry. This technology makes it possible to simplify the production of small batches of geometrically complex products. In particular, these can be various parts and spare parts for aircrafts – from protective bumpers and fasteners to various additional equipment elements.

The 3D printer will help students of the Department to acquire the first skills of 3D printing. The presented model has a high-quality power source, and is characterized by low material consumption and a high degree of safety. This is a good tool for getting to know the technology for the first time.

A soldering station is an indispensable thing in order to acquire practical skills in the assembly of electronic components. Students will be able to use it for their first designs and prototypes of electronic devices.

– Why did you decide to start cooperation with Lviv Polytechnic? Is your business socially responsible and do you cooperate with other educational institutions?

– Culver Aviation could not stand by when it became known about the opening of the education course for UAV engineers at Lviv Polytechnic. The Ukrainian drone industry is developing rapidly, Ukrainian drones have already become full-fledged participants in the world market. However, there are not so many institutions of higher education that would train personnel in this direction.

Culver Aviation is a young company, and this is our first experience of such cooperation. We are proud to have chosen Lviv Polytechnic, which has been one of the best universities in the world for many years in a row.

I have no doubts that the work experience of Culver Aviation specialists will be useful for students to consolidate the theoretical knowledge acquired during the study process. After all, practical skills are an important component of training for the Ukrainian market of qualified engineers who would increase the level of development, production and technical support of drones in Ukraine.

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Let us remind: Lviv Polytechnic and Culver Aviation will jointly train UAV engineers.

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Нова техніка від Culver Aviation Нова техніка від Culver Aviation