Bohdan Cherkes: «The project «Art Space of Lviv Polytechnic» should be discussed and worked out in detail»

Богдан Черкес

For more than half a year, the Lviv Polytechnic Alumni Association together with designers, faculty and students of the Institute of Architecture and Design have been developing ideas for the project «Art Space of Lviv Polytechnic», which should change not only the appearance but also the facilities of our University campus.

– The project of humanization of the environment of the Lviv Polytechnic campus is not a new topic, work on it began in the 60–70s of the last century. At that time, the Student Design Bureau, headed by Vira Liaskovska, was actively operating here. Then this campus was formed. It was and remains one of the best on the Right Bank of Ukraine, – says IARD Director Bohdan Cherkes. – Modern ideas are also quite interesting. But, I think it is worth analyzing the projects that had been developed earlier by such researchers as Viktor Kravtsov, Pavlo Mariev, Roman Lypka, Andrii Rudnytskyi, Ihor Serediuk, Iryna Rusanova, and Ivan Petryshyn – these are our teachers.

The IARD Director stressed that he unequivocally supports the idea of modernization and greening of the Lviv Polytechnic campus. He also offered to discuss the project with the participation of the University management and Directors of the Institutes.

– It would be good to single out a certain element and work out the concept in detail. For example, you can first develop the yard of the food factory and the area in front of the fourth academic building, where there is actually a main square and the largest closed public space of Lviv Polytechnic, which is used only as a passage area. Only at the beginning of the academic year we use it – there is a First Year Student Convocation. It is important for us to have well-developed proposals and start with small elements, and then it will be possible to implement strategic projects, involving entrepreneurs in support, – added Bohdan Cherkes.

Богдан Черкес