Bandura doesn't stop playing: Zaspiv National Female Bandura Band will perform at the festival in Poland

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Zaspiv National Female Bandura Band will take part in the 15th International Folklore Festival, which will be held in Poznan, Republic of Poland, from August 17 to 23. Bandurists have been actively preparing and rehearsing for a long time in order to properly present a Ukrainian song to the whole world.

Khrystyna Zalutska, director of the band, says that folk bands from different countries of the world will perform at the festival. During the selection, preference was given to those who would play folk instruments. Zaspiv Bandura Band has prepared eight works, three of which will be performed in Polish. Among the compositions there are many patriotic songs, for example, "Give a hand to Ukraine", which the band will sing in Polish.

«I wonder why the younger generation does not know so many Ukrainian works. We have to work on it, that’s why in our band we always start by studying seemingly well-known songs: «Halia is Carrying Water», «Oh, Whose Horse is Standing over There», and «Red Ruta». We learn the words, make our arrangement, we want to interest the listeners and help them perceive the music better.

Every year, our team changes: new students arrive, and we have to start all over again. Some, of course, leave, but there are some bandurists who I can always rely on. I am also pleased that my graduates often call me, thank me, say that due to our band they have something to remember, because on their own they would hardly visit the places we had. All this makes me very happy».

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