Assistant of the Department of International Information completes an internship under the Visegrad Scholarship Program

Тарас Польовий

From October 2020 to June 2021, Taras Poliovyi, Assistant at the Department of International Information, the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Fundamental Sciences, Lviv Polytechnic, conducted individual research as part of the Visegrad Scholarship Program. The program is designed for young researchers under the age of 35 from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Georgia, Northern Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Russia, Serbia and Ukraine, who plan to study or conduct research at one of the Visegrad Four universities.

The internship took place on the basis of the Chair of International Relations and Modern History, the Faculty of History and International Relations, the University of Bialystok, Republic of Poland, under the guidance of prof. dr hab. Eugeniusz Mironowicz.

According to the study Taras Poliovyi:

  • published a number of scientific articles and journalistic materials;
  • took part in international scientific conferences;
  • prepared applications for participation in international academic mobility programs;
  • applied for participation in the IX International Congress of Belarusian Studies (October 1–3, 2021, Kaunas, Lithuania);
  • during the consultations he discussed the intermediate results of the research with the research supervisor and faculty of the Chair of International Relations and Modern History;
  • outlined further directions and opportunities for cooperation with Polish colleagues.
Тарас Польовий завершив стажування