Address of the Rector on the occasion of the Lviv Polytechnic Day

Rector of Lviv Polytechnic
Фойє головного корпусу Львівської політехніки

Dear Polytechnicians!

The life of Lviv Polytechnic is filled with many events, in which each of you is involved in different ways. But there are days that open up the opportunity to unite to feel proud of your University.

There are many important dates in our history, and precisely on March 7 every year we will celebrate the Day of Lviv Polytechnic. After all, according to the documents stored in the Central State Historical Archive of Ukraine in Lviv and the General Government, Financial and Court Archives of Austria in Vienna, the Austrian emperor Franz I issued a resolution on the creation of the Tsisar-Royal Real School in Lviv – later Lviv Polytechnic – in Milan March 7, 1816.

On this day there will be lots of events, thanks to which every Polytechnic student will be able to learn a lot of interesting and valuable things about his Alma-mater. After all, now, at the time when we are facing the challenges of war, it is especially important to form a community united by values, who want Lviv Polytechnic not only to survive, but to develop and be the place where young people can realize all their talents and realize their dreams, related to the chosen profession.