3rd International Youth Science Festival "Litteris et Artibus" took place in Lviv Polytechnic

За матеріалами «ЗІКу»
Герб Львівської політехніки

Co-organizers of the event are Lviv Polytechnic National University, All-Ukrainian Youth Public Organisation “National Students Union”, Board of European Students of Technology (BEST-Lviv), European Students Forum (AEGEE-Ivano-Frankivsk).

"Festival of Science - a multidisciplinary youth science event that aims to create an environment for communication of young Ukrainian and international scientists. «Litteris et Artibus» makes it possible to exchange experiences and ideas among scientists, representing schools from all over Ukraine and the world. Thus, under one "umbrella" project «Litteris et Artibus» collect seven powerful independent scientific conferences "- says the organizer, secretary of the festival, Ph.D., assistant professor of social communications and information activities Berezko Alexander.

Profile of participants of the event is extremely broad and covers all areas of research conducted in Lviv Polytechnic - from chemists to architects, from computer geeks to psychologists.

I feel pride when I look at collections of submission. Often wonder, since there are reports of rare and interesting topics that I would never could learn, but the festival - continues Berezko.

This is the third festival. Beginning of the project arose in 2006 when the student is the 5th year, Chairman of the Board and profbyuro students of the Institute of Computer Science and Information Technology Alexander Berezko, launched the first international scientific conference of young scientists «CSE». For 6 years the project continues and becomes more and more momentum.

"We practice a completely unique format of publications reporting that is not in Ukraine, because the notion of extended abstracts: all English materials have a large Ukrainian part, and all the Ukrainian language - English. Festival of Science - a platform for new projects, the basis for an open Ukrainian scientific community. Well, that such projects are implemented with Lviv - Center of Culture and Tourism of the state. We expect guests from all over Ukraine. There are no major Ukrainian cities, which would not be represented at the festival. With international guests this year will come scientists from Poland, Germany, Romania, Austria, Czech Republic. We expect guests from Italy and Turkey, Iran, India and Yaponyii. The latter delivered an interesting report on the economy, which is very nice for us. We will meet them at Lviv Polytechnic Japanese "- emphasizes Alexander Berezko.

This year, it comprises seven conferences on various subjects. List of topics for each of them can be found online:

  • http://cse.ukrscience.org - V International Conference "Computer Science and Engineering»;
  • http://gac.ukrscience.org - IV International Conference "geodesy, architecture and construction»;
  • http://hss.ukrscience.org - III International Conference "Humanities and Social Sciences»;
  • http://epecs.ukrscience.org - III International Conference "Energy and Control Systems»;
  • http://emt.ukrscience.org - II International Conference "Engineering Mechanics and Transport»;
  • http://em.ukrscience.org - II International Conference "Business and management»;
  • http://cct.ukrscience.org - II International Conference "Chemistry and Chemical Technology»;

    The festival will take about 800 people who have authored over 600 reports (final results are not summed). Young scientists come from 25 countries, and are: Bangladesh, Belarus, Great Britain, Georgia, Egypt, India, Iran, Italy, Latvia, Macedonia, Malaysia, Germany, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, USA Turkey, Hungary, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Japan.

    Opening the festival will begin November 24, 2011 at 10:30 in the hall of the first academic building of the Lviv Polytechnic Street. Karpinskoho 2/4, followed by a meeting of organizers and media representatives. In the briefing will include: Alexander Berezko, organizer and secretary of the festival, Oksana lurynets, chairman of the Institute of Economics and Management, Member of ENT. Start 11.45 h.