Students Research

Students’ research work is an integral part of university life. In the Department students are involved in this or that kind of research right from their first year of studies. Under the guidance of teachers of the Department of Foreign Languages the best students prepare and present their reports in foreign languages (English, German, French, Polish, Japanese) at annual student's scientific conferences arranged by the Department. The reports (presentations) deal with urgent problems in their professional field, the students read professional literature and periodicals in foreign languages, communicate with foreign specialists, do research in collaboration with foreign specialists, and perform joint projects. The best reports are published in students’ scientific periodicals of our university.

Every year in February the Department holds the First Round of Subject Contest in Foreign Languages (English, German, French) to determine the students’ level of foreign languages (reading, writing, listening comprehension, speaking), their ability to communicate fluently in a foreign language. The winners take part in the Second Round of the All-Ukrainian Contest in Foreign Languages.

Students’ research work enables students to improve their foreign language and professional competences to get extra points in the general rating, to defend their graduation theses in foreign languages, to gain advantages for admission to postgraduate courses.

Head of the Department: Sc.D., Full Professor, Nataliya Mukan

Deputy Head of the Department in Scientific Work: Ph.D., Assoc.Prof Inesa Baybakova

Deputy Head of the Department in Educational and Methodological Work: senior lecturer Lubov Luchyt

Deputy Head of the Department in Organizational Work: senior lecturer Halyna Drapalyuk

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