Research at the Department

R&D is a very important aspect of our department activities. Its teaching staff carry out research according to the following scientific school direction:

The linguistic issues of the scientific, technical and literary texts. The issues of linguistic methodology and pedagogical science. 

According to the department R&D portfolio registered in UkrISTEI there are four themes of investigation:

      1. Modern strategies of teaching foreign languages in the context of communicatively-directed methodology.

Research coordinator – Inesa Baybakova, Ph.D, associate professor.

The research concerns the issues of implementing holistic communicative approach to teaching foreign languages. This methodology is successfully applied in Europe and the USA and is based on British methodological strategies (Oxford and Cambridge) which reflect integration of traditional and innovative techniques.

     2. Theoretical and applied issues of terminological systems.

Research coordinator – Volodymyr Zadorozhnyi, Ph.D, professor.

This scientific research deals with learning professional foreign languages within the communicative approach based on investigating scientific and technical text corpus with the aim of getting information through key words and phrases.

     3. Lexical and semantic aspects of the technical and literary discourse.

Research coordinator – Oleksandra Hasko, Ph.D, associate professor.

This theme is focused on studies of the semantic and word-forming language structure on the basis of lexicographical sources of different types for systems analysis of theoretical issues of lexical semantics and creation of professional terminological data base for different specialists. The research of foreign language communication discourse peculiarities is also being done.

     4. Theory and practice of educational systems development and professional training in conditions of transformation social processes.

Research coordinator – Nataliya Mukan, ScD, full professor, head of the Department.

Researchers of this theme carry out pedagogical scientific investigations for finding out creative ideas to be applied in the process of educational systems development. Among these systems, models, forms and methods of specialists’ professional development there are Internet as a communicative network, the method of joint development, a reflexive method etc.

It is worth mentioning the names of such key coordinative researchers of the Department as professors  Nataliya Mukan, Volodymyr Zadorozhnyi, associate professors Inesa Baybakova, Oleksandra Hasko, Andrij Motornyi.

The post-graduate course in specialty 13.00.04 – “The theory and methodology of professional education” functions at the Department.

The Department of Foreign Languages takes part in the “English for universities” 2014-2015 project initiated by the British Council in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. The project foresees improvement of knowledge and teaching skills of English via teaching staff continuous professional development.

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