The educational process of the Department of Urban Planning and Design

The Department prepares bachelors in specialty 191 — “Architecture and Urban Planning” in accordance with the joint program for the Institute of Architecture. Masters are trained in the specialization “Urban Planning” with two specializations of learning to choose — Urban planning or Landscape architecture.

The Department carries out the direction of training in specialty 191 — “Architecture and Urban Planning”.

Specializations of Urban planning and Landscape architecture are closely linked, because they are called to create a friendly environment for residents. The programs are updated and you can individually create your profile by choosing the subjects and software blocks. Participation of students in international creative workshops is especially encouraged. Here your creativity, communication skills and knowledge of English will be especially useful for you!

Teachers and students of the Department take part in exhibitions and competitions, recently:

Сompetition of student’s diploma works "Tower“organized by the Union of Architects of Ukraine (2019)

Exhibition of Bachelor Degree Projects, Lviv National Union of Architects of Ukraine, Lviv Regional Organization, July 1, 2017;

Exhibition of student projects for public spaces of Lviv, made to order of Lviv City Council, Town Hall courtyard, June 15-19, 2016.

At International Contest-Review of Bachelor and Master Diploma Projects of Students of Architectural and Artistic Specialties of Higher Educational Institutions, our graduates receive the highest awards in the field of urban development and landscape architecture:

Grand prix (2016) — master’s qualification work: “Formation of recreational territories in the areas of mass development of the 80’s of the twentieth century”, Author — student Ivanishchak R. I., the supervisor — PhD, Assoc. Prof. Yuliya Idak;

Grand prix (2016) — diploma work of a specialist: “Formation of public spaces of the village-resort of Shayan of the Transcarpathian region”, author — student Lipchei I. V., the supervisor — PhD, Assoc. Prof. Nadiya Sosnova

Why specialization is relevant? Look through the Google search engine, how many urban events are happening in the world, in the country, in the city. This is our specialty!

Who can become our graduate? Minister, Head of Urban Planning Department, Project Designer, and, of course, an Architect. Your CV will speak instead of you. And the sooner you begin to engage in real-world design, the more successful your career will be. Usually, our students are already in the fourth year beginning to collaborate in architectural offices, gaining practical experience.

The Institute of Architecture has a number of signed agreements with colleges of Lviv and Ukraine, which, on the basis of integrated curricula, graduates of these institutions can enter the 2nd and 3rd courses in the field of “Architecture and Urban Planning” for full-time or part-time study.

Colleges whose graduates enter the Institute of Architecture (in particular, groups of the Department of Urban Planning and Design) on the direction of preparation 191 “Architecture and Urban Planning” under special conditions:

Vinnitsa College of Construction and Architecture KNUBA (enrollment for 3 year course);

Construction College of Zhytomyr National Agroecological University (enrollment for 3 year course);

Kamyanetz-Podilskyi College of Construction, Architecture and Design (enrollment for 2nd and 3rd year);

State Higher Educational Institution “Kyiv College of Construction, Architecture and Design” (enrollment for 2 and 3 year courses);

Lviv College of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Design (enrollment for 3 year course);

State Higher Educational Institution “Chernivtsi Polytechnic College” (enrollment for 3 years).

For additional information, please contact the Dean’s office of the Institute of Architecture for the Dean of Basic Education — Associate Professor, Ph. D. Ivanochko Ulyana Izyaslavivna.

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