Education Process

The Department provides bachelor, specialist and master trainings in Documentation Science and Information Activities.

Students of our Department can enter Master’s degree programme in Consolidated Information and E-Government.

The list of disciplines is formed to ease the graduates’ adaption to any requirements of the employer and so that they could find themselves in the job market. Teaching of the following subjects provides a link with real working conditions:

- for the Documentation Science and Information Activities degree programme:

  • Computer Technologies in the Recordkeeping;
  • Organization of Information Establishments Activities;
  • Document Management and Electronic Workflow;
  • Personnel and Information Management;
  • Analytical and Synthetic Information Processing;
  • Mathematical Foundations of Information Activities;
  • Statistical Methods in Information Activities;
  • Basics of Working on the Internet;
  • Business and Social Communication on the Internet.
  • Office Programming:

- for the Consolidated Information speciality:

  • Consolidated Information Resources of Data and Knowledge Bases;
  • Information Technologies of Business Organization;
  • Internet Technologies of Consolidated Information Resources Processing;
  • Competitor intelligence;
  • Database System Technologies of the E-Government.
  • The department teaches an exclusive set of disciplines on Web community administering  and moderating, and  information intelligence on the Internet.

The curricula are fully aligned with international standards and requirements. Specialist's and Master's degree diplomas are recognized abroad.

The department is equipped with comfortable laboratories and up-to-date facilities (computers, printers, scanners, Wi-Fi), where students are engaged in individual work.

The department's Bachelor, Specialist and Master graduates are employed by institutions of various forms of ownership, government bodies, local governments and higher education institutions. A specialty received at the Department of Social Communication and Information Activities allows to hold the following prestigious posts:

  • Administrative Director, Deputy Director of Information-Analytical Work;
  • Head of Human Resources;
  • Specialist in Document Management and Electronic Workflow;
  • Information Analyst of Computer Databases;
  • Specialist in Information Activities, Chief Information Officer;
  • Staff Assistant;
  • Head of a Chancery, Archive;
  • Expert in Social Communication;
  • Content Manager, Expert in Website Support;
  • Expert on Information Intelligence;
  •  Іnformation Systems Manager/Administrator;
  • Administrator and Moderator of Web Communities.

Master graduates can hold the following posts:

  • Deputy Director of Information-Analytical Work;
  • Chief Information Officer;
  • Head of Strategic Planning and Forecasting;
  • Head of Analytical Department;
  • Director Consultant Analyst.

For college graduates

College graduates with a diploma of junior specialist majoring in Recordkeeping have an opportunity to continue their studies in Documentation and Information Activities starting from the second or third academic year provided that an additional transfer work is completed.

The Department of Social Communication and Information Activities is actively harmonizing curricula with leading colleges of Lviv region teaching appropriate majors what enables college graduates to continue their undergraduate full-time studies at Lviv Polytechnic.

Among college graduates who may start their studies in Documentation and Information Activities from senior academic years, let us note the Infocommunications college which is a part of Lviv Polytechnic National University, conveniently located in the city center, and trains junior specialists  majoring in Recordkeeping.

For further information please contact the dean's office of the Institute of the Humanities and Social Sciences.

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