Research Laboratory of the Development of Reactive Systems for the Functionalization of Interphase Surfaces and the Construction of Filled Composites, Biocompatible, Biodegradable Polymeric Materials, Modifications of Natural Substances

Prof. Stanislav Voronov, Doctor of Chemistry
Phone number(s)
+38 (032) 258-25-50

Research and development areas:

  • Development of hydrogel products with a wide range of properties for usage in medicine;
  • Obtaining new amphiphilic block copolymers of different structure and molecular mass on the basis of natural amino acids and polyether diols;
  • Obtaining self-stabilized, aggregate-resistant water polymer dispersions for medical and biomedical purposes;
  • Implementation of scientific research and practical developments in the field of synthesis of polyfunctional polymers, surface reaction modifiers, polymer-mineral composites;
  • Implementation of research and practical development in the field of synthesis of new monomers, initiators and surfactants, as well as surface-modified polymeric and mineral nanoparticles, polymeric and mineral-organic composite materials for medical and biological purposes on their basis;
  • Development of drugs delivery systems by polymers.