List of Performed Works

List of performed works

1. Development of intelligent components of integrated automated control systems.

  • Preliminary data processing;
  • Export data in repositories;
  • Access to data at all hierarchical levels of the system;
  • Integration of external components into the universal SCADA environment.

2. Development of the VLSI complex for the synthesis of artificial neural networks in real time.

  • Calculation of the sum of pair products;
  • Calculation of the transfer function;
  • Implementation of modules for managing learning process and functioning of the neural element;
  • Creation of neural elements of different type;
  • Implementation of different types of artificial neural networks.

3. Development of simulation system of wireless sensory networks for monitoring of the environment.

  • Synthesis and verification of architectural solutions for the creation of wireless sensory networks for environmental monitoring;
  • Providing shorter network design time;
  • Choosing the best architectural solution for building a network;
  • Evaluation of network time characteristics.

4. Development of neural network technology for eliminating data gaps.

  • Processing data from real-time sensors;
  • Processing information in databases;
  • High speed with the establishment of linear or nonlinear dependencies between input data for one iteration.
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