List of Performed Works

List of performed works

  1. Development of SubNet program complex, in which diacoptic approaches to the calculation of the dynamic modes of complex electric circles are effectively used. It enables to use local networks for the division of calculation procedures on separate computers, namely, for the calculation of proper subschemes and exchange of information about their condition. The program complex is characterized by the following:
    • change of the method for the splitting of a complex scheme into subschemes;
    • adaptation of numerical methods for the calculation of certain subschemes;
    • automatic choice of the integration step and concordance step of the subschemes;
    • choice of different methods of concordance of subscheme solutions.
  2. Development of the program complex for the construction of dynamic macro models of objects in a form of discrete equations of state. The purpose of the complex is to create macromodels as nonlinear discrete equation of state with n input and m output signals. The program contains a work field and a menu with the operation commands to process input signals and model, as well as commands to choose the form and reflection of the macro model on the screen of program working windows, optimization method and their parameters, and also commands for selecting the form and order of macro models and recording the modelling results as text files.
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