Research Laboratory Of Accident Prevention, Development Of Methods Of Occupational And Radiological Monitoring

Prof. Oleh Nahurskyy, Doctor of Engineering
Phone number(s)
+38 (032) 258-27-17

Research and development areas:

  • Recycling and utilization of waste, resource and energy saving, physical and mathematical modelling, control and protection of the environment from pollution;
  • Elaboration of technologies of processing tailing dumps companies by the region to provide security and sustainable development of depressed areas;
  • Improving organizational, technical and sanitary measures to reduce industrial injuries by enterprises and education system officials of different branches;
  • Reducing the negative impact of chemicals in agricultural production;
  • Neutralization of plastic waste in technology in providing safe means of promotion and protection products;
  • Radiological monitoring of environmental objects (water, food, building materials) and radiometric control of the content of radon-222 in air of residential and industrial premises;
  • Using nanotechnology in the processes of extinguishing the flames;
  • Research of means of measurement and control parameters of manufacturing processes and the environment.