List of Performed Works

List of performed works

  1. Development of physical and technological basis for the creation of nanostructures for quantum generation and accumulation of electric energy (SB / Spin).
  2. Development of nanohybridised inorganic-organic structures for new generation electronics devices (F63 / 123-2016).
  3. Getting effective sorbents on the basis of vegetable raw materials, primarily from waste processing of agroproducts.
  4. Investigation of physical types of influence on technological processes, in particular on the synthesis and modification of materials and activation of aqueous solutions.
  5. Investigation of the possibilities of using carbon structures for cathode Li±intercalation current formation. Synthesis of mulgrafen, which contributes to the formation of a new resource base in the category of cheap, environmentally safe and widespread substances in nature.
  6. The specific capacity of multifrafen is Q = 2250 mA·h/g, which is much higher than that of cathodic materials of lithium power sources available on the market (120-160 mA·h/g).
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