Zoia Duriahina, Head of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering: vocation – to be a physician for materials

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Зоя Дурягіна

Research, development and inventions. All this is up to the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity – female scientists. Among them there are many Lviv women, one of whom is Zoia Duriahina. This woman is a materials engineer, Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor and head of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, the Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Transport, Lviv Polytechnic.

– The candidate’s dissertation was like this: I, a girl, look like a student and defend my dissertation. That’s how I was taken – half-seriously. When I started preparing my doctoral dissertation, I realized that male Doctors of Science looked askance at me, thinking «well, what are you doing here, you’re a woman, your place is in the kitchen». The work was done at a high level, and when I defended it, I was invited to become a member of that Academic Council in which I defended my work, – Zoia Duriahina tells her story.

Engineering, says the scientist, is only at first glance unknown to the public. But when you get to know it, you realize how interesting and amazing it is. Earlier, the woman recalls, their specialty had a woman’s face. However, now everything has changed dramatically. Although she says she is looking forward to the time when the girls will be interested in engineering again.

– Materials science is needed by chemists, builders, engineers, and doctors. This allows us to make planes lighter, cars more economical, to do operations without blood, that is, in such a way that it is all through catheters, – says Zoia Duriahina.

PhD. Duriahina admits that she once dreamed of becoming a doctor. However, it happened that a woman chose another serious profession.

– In the process of studying and in the process of teaching various disciplines, I realized my medical dream came true. Because always, if a part fails or breaks prematurely, it is sick of something, it is necessary to diagnose it, it is necessary to conduct research. And then, when you collect all these things together, analyze them, you need to do something – prescribe treatment that is, prescribe medication, – smiles Zoia Duriahina.

That is why the scientist considers her profession and vocation to be a physician for materials. For over 30 years in science, dozens of patents and hundreds of scientific papers. PhD. Duriahina is convinced: women can do everything.