Master of the Institute of Engineering Mechanics and Transport Zlata Rykavets: a girl who knows the language of metals

Iryna Martyn, Audytoriya weekly newspaper
Злата Рикавець

We met with Zlata Rykavets after she defended her master’s thesis. She was the only girl in the group of applied materials students. After studying at the French university under the Erasmus + program she had a prospect to go abroad. However, the girl decided to stay in Ukraine.

During her internship in Lille, Zlata studied disciplines of her specialty for one term. At the end of her studies, the French professor, who was her supervisor, offered the girl to return to them and continue the study. Thus, Zlata passed her exams in Polytechnic and again went to Lille.

Of course, everything is much better there – I mean the equipment and the quality of education. In France Ukrainians are even more respected than the native Frenchmen, as they see our engineering talent and admit that this feature is not inherent to their students, the interlocutor shares her impressions.

So, she successfully prepared a diploma study on the topic of the project she carried out in France – about the fatigue properties of TRIP steel. This steel is used to manufacture car parts of increased reliability, important for the safety of the driver and passengers – that is, when the accident occurs, the frame of the car from such steel almost does not bend, thus increasing the safety of the passenger. In addition, the use of TRIP steel reduces the weight of the car, which reduces both the cost of fuel and the amount of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

During her studies, Zlata was a very conscientious student. Now it seems to the girl that sometimes she could take it easier, but, on the other hand, hard work did her a favor. Without it, she would not have the knowledge she has gained. Zlata was offered to enter postgraduate studies at the University of Lille, to become their PhD student. But she believes that if she was born in Ukraine, she must realize herself here, as wherever you are, it is always better at home.