The upskilling training course «Project literacy for Polytechnicians of the social and humanitarian cycle» is completed

Фото із вручення сертифікатів

43 project applications were prepared as part of the upskilling training workshop «Project literacy for Polytechnicians of the social and humanitarian cycle», which was organized by the University’s Project Office.

On December 13, 2022, Olena Lukachuk, coordinator of the cultural and humanitarian direction, Project Office, research associate of the research commercialization group, Research and Development Department, and Nadiya Liubomudrova, head of the Department of Employee Training and Development, presented certificates to the graduates of the first Lviv Polytechnic course on Project Literacy.

109 people registered for the course, 65 of which conscientiously attended all classes, and 52 prepared their project applications and submitted them to various grant programs and competitions, including:

  • Ukrainian Cultural Fund;
  • the European Union Erasmus + programmes;
  • EU Creative Europe programmes;
  • Visegrad Foundation;
  • USAID;
  • UNF;
  • Global Innovation Fund;
  • Grant assistance for human security projects of the Kusanone program;
  • Embassies of Finland in Ukraine;
  • as well as joint Ukrainian-Latvian, Ukrainian-Canadian and Ukrainian-Polish research projects.

– «It’s scary, but possible», – this is how the path to project activity begins, and ends: «It’s hard to believe, but we submitted the project». «We are waiting for the results», – summed up the meeting, timed for the presentation of certificates, Olena Lukachuk, the course lecturer.

We congratulate all graduates of this course and invite you to register for the new one, which will start in 2023!

Фото із вручення сертифікатів Фото із вручення сертифікатів Фото із вручення сертифікатів