The Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment informs about EIT, pilot EIT, UEE / UPEE

Заставка до матеріалу

Recently, Serhii Shkarlet, the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, said that due to the Russian war in Ukraine, the admission campaign in 2022 will take place in a different mode from the traditional one. Entrants and their parents apply to the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment with questions about admission, external independent testing, pilot EIT, and entrance examinations to the Master’s degree programs.

Regarding external independent testing and entrance examinations, it should be noted that currently there are no normative documents that would determine exactly how these examinations will be conducted or whether they will be conducted at all. The Committee on Education, Science and Innovation of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine fruitfully cooperates with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, with representatives of higher and general secondary education to develop the Procedure for Enrollment in Higher Education Institutions in 2022, ie a document that would answer all questions that are relevant to entrants. As soon as such a document is developed, we will definitely post it on our website and inform all participants in educational evaluations about how the admission campaign will take place.

Earlier we reported that the pilot EIT will not take place in March this year. However, if a decision is made to implement the admission campaign in 2022 without external evaluation, the decision to cancel the pilot external evaluation in the current year will be obvious. A significant number of participants in the pilot EIT are already initiating the transfer of funds remaining from preparation for testing to the needs of the state or want to know about the timing of their return. It should be noted that we are not a banking institution, so we will not be able to automatically transfer funds to the appropriate funds. At the same time, when we receive information about the mechanisms of the admission campaign (on the expediency of the pilot EIT), we will post the form of approval with the transfer of funds for the rescue of Ukraine on the pages of the pilot EIT participants on the website of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment. Those participants who are willing to donate funds will have to notify their desire through the form, for others – a refund will be made in accordance with a special procedure.

We want to express our gratitude to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, territorial defense fighters, rescue services, doctors, social infrastructure workers for life! Everything will be Ukraine!