Lviv Polytechnic opens the exhibition of the record-breaking Inspirium motorcycle which conquered the world

Фото з виставки

The Ukrainian Inspirium motorcycle set a world speed record in the class of vintage motorcycles, showing the powerful potential of Ukrainian engineers. Thus, Lviv Polytechnic did not stand aside and organized an exhibition for its students so that all those willing could see the legend, which would be a great incentive to make dreams come true.

The Ukrainian team excelled at the Speed Week held at Lake Bonneville in Utah on August 13, 2017. It set a new bar in the 350APS-VG class.

The legendary Inspirium is the result of the joint work of the Kharkiv Iron Custom Motors engineering team and the Sigma Software. The work on the project began in the fall of 2015, when specialists took the old Izh from 1955 as a basis. Thanks to the modernization of the engine, they increased its power from 11 to 40 HP. Two years later, the Inspirium stunned the world by reaching 99.764 mph and breaking the previous speed record of 86 mph.

– Our partners and longtime friends of Lviv Polytechnic – the Sigma Software – contacted us. They had already opened some laboratories here, and also participated in other projects. This is also their idea, their project, says Iryna Romanovska, head of the Marketing Department. – The goal of the project is to actually support Ukrainian engineers, to show that they can fulfill impossible tasks. We wanted to encourage both students and entrants who come to us. We really liked the slogan of the project based on the words of Nelson Mandela: «Many things seem impossible until you do them». And this is what highlights the essence of the initiative. We also wanted to convey to students this idea – that they can change the world, can take some extremely ambitious projects that at first glance seem impossible... We would like the University to become for them a place where they would draw inspiration.

Ukrainian engineers proved their exceptional skills and zeal by creating a motorcycle that not only conquered the hearts of speed fans, but also gained international recognition. The story of Inspirium is an example of how hard work and a lively mind can turn unattainable dreams into reality. Even with limited support from the state and sports organizations, Ukrainian engineers can reach incredible heights with their projects. So let’s not stop on the way to our goals, and Polytechnic will help with this!

Фото з виставки Фото з виставки Фото з виставки