Tech StartUp School opened two innovative educational spaces

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On March 14, the Tech StartUp School, Lviv Polytechnic National University, inaugurated two innovative educational spaces – biotechnological and digital (with a focus on 3D modeling). They will become places of innovation for teaching children and sharing experience in the implementation of non-standard and creative ideas.

The event was opened by Professor Nazar Podolchak, Head of the Department of Administrative and Financial Management, Lviv Polytechnic, Director of the Tech StartUp School and the SID City Science Park of the University. He noted that children’s education is an important investment in the country’s future.

«Despite the full-scale invasion, we need to take care of the future of Ukraine, namely the children. For their sake, we never stop dreaming and creating something new. It is extremely important that in the Lviv region there is such a large number of active children who are interested in biotechnologies and innovations. They presented us with more than 90 business ideas that can be successfully implemented in the future. Their ingenuity is truly impressive. The USAID HOVERLA project together with the Tech StartUp School, Lviv Polytechnic, will help children realize their dreams and their own developments», said Nazar Podolchak.

In her speech, Nataliia Hnydiuk, Deputy Head of the USAID HOVERLA Project, expressed her hope that thanks to the opening of innovative educational spaces and the startups implementation, young people will be able to contribute to the development of the state.

«Without a doubt, the combination of creative ideas and enthusiasm of young people in one project will open many opportunities and prospects. The future of Ukraine depends on startups. So HOVERLA is ready to support such initiatives. We hope that thanks to the opening of innovative educational spaces, the participants of the youth entrepreneurship development project will be able to conduct research and subsequently start new businesses in communities, creating additional jobs and improving the quality of life at the local level, which is the main goal of USAID HOVERLA. Considering the successful implementation of the project in the Lviv region, we are working together with the Tech StartUp School to scale it up and promote initiatives aimed at the development of youth and youth entrepreneurship», said Nataliia Hnydiuk.

During the event, Marat Kyurchevsky, Project Management Specialist, Local Governance and Decentralization of Power, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), emphasized the importance of the gifted youth participation in the reconstruction of the country. He also noted that after the victory, Ukraine will need qualified specialists.

«Today, we take another step towards the future and give the participants of the project «Promoting the development of youth entrepreneurship among IDPs», created by Tech StartUp School within the framework of grant cooperation with the USAID HOVERLA program, the opportunity to conduct practical experiments and researches that will become the basis of their work. I think such projects are particularly relevant for our country. During the war, we have faced many challenges. It is obvious that after the victory, there will be a large-scale reconstruction. I hope that the ideas that will arise as part of the curriculum and work in the laboratories will help in solving this task», emphasized Marat Kyurchevsky.

At the end of the event, the trainers of the Biotechnology course, Kateryna Hutsko and Daryna Oshytok, introduced the guests to the new educational space and told about the achievements of the program participants. It should be noted that the equipment for educational spaces was purchased within the framework of the project «Promoting the development of youth entrepreneurship among IDPs», which is implemented by Tech StartUp School with the support of the USAID HOVERLA Project.

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