Results of the University Survey «New student space at Scientific and Technical Library»

Olena Kharheliia, SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL LIBRARY, Lviv Polytechnic
Студентський простір «ІІІ поверх»

From February 26 to March 12, 2024, on the initiative of the Scientific and Technical Library, the Center for Quality Assurance in Education at Lviv Polytechnic conducted a university survey «New student space at Scientific and Technical Library».

The renovation of one of the reading halls in the student library was completed in September 2022. Here is an open space with access to modern literature from various fields, two separate rooms for group work, a relaxation corner for visitors, computerized workplaces, WI-FI, air conditioning systems, and heating. The hall is designed for 140 people and 70 places for individual work. There are 96 sockets to connect gadgets.

Since the renovation the average attendance of the reading hall has increased rapidly and during the academic years 2022–2024 there are about 300 people every day.

The survey was conducted with the aim to obtain an objective students’ assessment of the quality conditions created in the open Student Space «3rd floor» and to receive proposals for the modernization of the reading room on the second floor of the student library.

The respondents rated the level of comfort of the Student Space «3rd floor» as sufficiently high, namely: design and ergonomics of the room, lighting, book collection, mode of operation and quality of service.

Among the events held in the space, the greatest interest is caused by:

  • informative lectures;
  • meetings based on interests and with representatives of culture, science and education;
  • round tables;
  • world cafe;
  • quests;
  • thematic discussions.

The results of the survey and statistical data of the library indicate that after the renovation works and the creation of comfortable conditions students visit the halls with greater pleasure. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of places for all those willing to work there. Therefore, the respondents suggest making the reading hall on the second floor similar to the Student Space «3rd floor». The emphasis is placed on the separation of study and recreation areas, the creation of comfortable conditions and additional places, as well as the creation of space for events.

Therefore, it is urgent to repair and transform the reading room on the second floor of the student library into a modern space.

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Новий студентський простір у НТБ Новий студентський простір у НТБ