For Polytechnic researcher it is important to be published in international journals

Iryna Martyn, Lviv Polytechnic Center for Communication
Іван Демидов

It is promising and prestigious. Articles in international journals open the door to the world of further research. Ivan Demydov, Vice-Rector for Scientific Research at Lviv Polytechnic, tells us more.

When did the scientific publications of Lviv Polytechnic start being indexed in international scientometric databases? In particular in Scopus and Web of Science?

Since 2012 three of our periodicals has been indexed in international scientometric databases: Chemistry and Chemical Technology (Scopus / Web of Science), Mathematical Modeling and Computing (Scopus) and Geodynamics (Web of Science). And a year earlier, several series of Visnyk of Lviv Polytechnic National University began to be indexed in such international scientometric database as Index Copernicus.

What conditions must be fulfilled to get into the international scientometric database?

The final list of conditions, required for the publication participation in any of the international scientometric databases, is determined by the so-called Evaluation Board, the organization that administers the database.

Why is it important for researchers to be indexed by these scientometric databases?

Indexation of works in international scientometric databases shows you are involved in science. This is an independent and international recognition of achievements. You may disagree with this, but such a position is usually counterproductive in the academic community. The lack of understanding is one of the reasons of the wary attitude of the post-Soviet researchers, but since then much has changed and over the past decade Ukraine has actually built a new system that is part of the world’s open science.

Thus, the conclusion is that only recognized scientific results can serve as a basis for submitting a resume in the search for a scientific team, writing and successfully winning grants from world foundations or building an academic career. Only truly significant results, which are independently reviewed, are recognized. This is a kind of analogue of the anti-corruption movement, but in science.

The editors of the Lviv Polytechnic journals carefully prepare to submit an application for assessment to a particular international scientometric database. Excessive haste is harmful, because you can re-apply only in 1–2 years.

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