Pavlo Zhezhnych tells about the introduction of an electronic control system for access to the University classrooms

Павло Жежнич

The access control system to the university rooms is already working in a test mode in the scientific library. Pavlo Zhezhnych, Vice-Rector for Education and Informatization, told us about the implementation, principles and advantages of the system:

– The necessary software has been developed for the system which uses readers of electronic certificates. Today, the system performs its work in a test mode in the scientific library. The University Security Service also works with it, reading the data on employees’ cards and key fobs. At this stage, we try to identify technical errors that may occur during operation. The next step is likely to be the implementation of the system in the main building. Then, we will cover the rest of the academic buildings.

– How did the implementation of the system begin?

– In general, the management of access to the classrooms is part of the solution to a broader problem – the security of the premises of Lviv Polytechnic. There were different ideas on how to solve the issue of admitting people to university buildings. There was an idea to install turnstiles, but it was not approved due to the large number of students and university staff. Also, turnstiles will not harmonize with the interior of the educational buildings. In general, the University is a symbol of freedom, trust and creative inspiration. The development strategy of Lviv Polytechnic is based on this. Therefore, we focused on managing access to the classrooms with the help of electronic certificates and gave up any artificial barriers. This approach is designed to simplify the procedures for receiving keys to rooms between classes.

– What are the advantages of this project?

– First of all, the access control system to the classrooms will speed up the issuance and acceptance of keys from the room to the University Security Service. It is fully integrated with other university management information systems. In this way, you can automatically determine if a person has the right to access the required room.

– You mentioned that the software works with readers of electronic ID data. Please, tell us more about them.

– They are made in the form of a plastic card with an RFID tag. Each card in the information system «Staff» is associated with a person – an employee of Lviv Polytechnic. When reading such a card, a brief information about the person to whom the card belongs is displayed on the computer screen. I will note that the implemented mechanism of work with electronic certificates does not provide record on the card of personal data.

– Today the system has already been testing. What else is needed to implement it?

– The tests are purely technical, they relate to the use of electronic identity card readers on computers running Linux. Once the testing is completed, we will be able to begin the next phase – to equip the room and train the staff of the University Security Service.

– How long will it take to complete the entire implementation process?

– In general, it takes place in two stages: the first – experimental operation in the building of the Scientific and Technical Library and in the main building; the second is the system implementation in other academic buildings of the University. We managed to implement the system in the building of the Scientific and Technical Library. It takes more time to implement it in the main building, because first you need to make electronic certificates for all university faculty. The system implementation for other academic buildings of the university will not take much time as the task is only to equip the room of the University Security Service.