Pavlo Zhezhnych tells about functioning of Lviv Polytechnic student library in the renovated premises

Студентська бібліотека Львівської політехніки

The automated access system will be connected to the automated library system, including the catalog of library funds and users of the Lviv Polytechnic library.

– What tasks will the new system perform?

– The main idea of the student library in the renovated premises is to provide the most open space for students to work. The automated access system must control the use of printed educational literature within this open space.

– At what stage is the implementation now?

– Now we are implementing an automated access system only on the third floor of the student library, and this is actually the first stage of its operation. The Rector of Lviv Polytechnic decided to modernize the second floor of the student library, as well, and this would be the 2nd stage of the introduction of an automated access system.

– When will the new automated system start operating?

– The introduction of this system is possible only after the commissioning of the renovated student library. Today, the repair works on the third floor of the student library are almost completed, and we are moving to the stage of arranging these premises. Unfortunately, we depend on the completion of all construction works. We are currently working on the installation of a telecommunications network. In addition, we need to purchase special equipment for the access system, and these are tender procedures. I do want the system to work as fast as possible, but there are too many external factors.

– Does the system have analogues? Why did you choose it?

– Of course, certain analogues of such a system can be called frames that are installed at supermarket checkouts. In general, it is not unique, although such a system will be introduced at the university for the first time.