Nissim Oknin, bachelor student of the Institute of Building and Environmental Engineering: it is hard, but comfortable to study in Polytechnic

Iryna Martyn, Audytoriya weekly newspaper
Ніссіма Окніна та Сергій Була

This year 49-year-old Israeli Nissim Oknin is finishing his bachelor’s program at the Institute of Building and Environmental Engineering. Recently he has successfully defended the practice. Ahead is the completion of the diploma project and its defense. Today, Nissim shares his impressions on studying in Lviv Polytechnic and staying in Ukraine.

In Israel, Nissim Oknin completed his studies at an educational institution which equates to Ukrainian college. For almost 20 years he has worked in a construction company. Since he did not get his bachelor’s right after study, it was getting more difficult to make it happen, as in his country you need to be a full-time student to receive the education. And it does not matter whether you’re a former schoolboy or an experienced worker. Israeli education does not involve the combination of work and education in any way.

When the need to obtain a bachelor’s degree was urgent, Oknin decided to search education websites to find a foreign university with a part-time education option. In such a way he learned about Lviv Polytechnic. He found out that our university is actively involved in training of foreign students.

– Your University is well known in Israel, the diplomas, we get here, are recognized in our country, says the interlocutor.

Naturally, he chose the direction «Construction», specialization – «Industrial and Civil Construction».

What was your training during these years?

I was made an individual schedule. Taking into account the fact that the distance between the two countries is considerable, the number of visits to Ukraine during the academic year was reduced. I was pleasantly impressed with that. If it were not Lviv Polytechnic, I do not know if there would be a chance to get acquainted with Ukraine and its sympathetic people. It was interesting to study. I like the academics. The atmosphere here is extremely sympathetic. When I did not understand something – they were willing to help, that is, gave me some additional material or explained one more time. Not only academics, but students helped as well. One of my classmates is a girl from Morocco. We often advise each other and help with educational materials.

Is Ukrainian education system different from Israeli one?

In my country, I did not study for bachelor’s degree... But I understand that both here and in my country there are the same materials for teaching engineering. But still, when it comes to relations between academics and students, in Israel they are more formalized and formal.

Where is it harder to study – in Israel or in Ukraine?

Here, in Polytechnic. But at the same time, it is more comfortable. This is due to the mutual support I have already mentioned. In our country, training is more official and formal: you are delivered topics, given all needed materials for study and a certain number of consultations – and that is all, you have to study on your own. And here they explain so many times it is needed and willingly communicate with you.

Ніссіма Окніна та Сергій Була