New conditions for entry of foreign citizens were discussed at Lviv Polytechnic

Фото із зустрічі

The online meeting with the contracting companies was attended by representatives of the University First Vice-Rector Oleh Matviikiv, Vice-Rector for Education and International Relations Nataliya Chukhray and Head of the Center for International Education Nataliia Hots.

Representatives of Lviv Polytechnic presented to the meeting participants the educational, as well as educational and scientific proposals, training programs and summer schools for foreign citizens.

The participants got acquainted with the activities of the Ukrainian State Center for International Education, as well as with the new rules for recruiting international students who will want to study in Ukraine from 2022. The Head of the Center Olena Shapovalova told about it.

This year, for the first time in the history of education in Ukraine, foreigners will be able to study at our universities not only full-time, but also online. Therefore, an interested entrant, being on the territory of his country, will be able to pass the entrance exams to study at a Ukrainian university. Accordingly, the admission procedure has changed somewhat. The Ukrainian university must make changes to its own admission rules this year for obtaining junior bachelor's, bachelor's, and master's degrees, concluded in accordance with the admission procedure approved by the Ministry of Education and Science. In its rules of admission, the institution of higher education must prescribe the possibility of distance entry, as well as be sure to specify its periods, ie indicate the deadlines for the stages of entry of foreigners.

In order to recruit foreigners remotely, the university must have a partner organization abroad with which it will conclude a service agreement. It may be an educational institution, a testing center, etc., but it must be resident in the country of origin of the entrants.

A foreigner who decides to study at a Ukrainian university must receive an invitation there and then apply to the Ukrainian State Center for International Education to pay for information services and pass the entrance exams remotely.

The next step is to apply to the Embassy of Ukraine in your country to obtain a visa. If the student does not apply for a visa within 90 days, he will at least check the possibility of entering Ukraine. And if such a person wants to continue his studies on the territory of Ukraine in person, he will be able to cross the border.

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