Lviv Polytechnic researchers will develop innovative vaccines with the support of the NATO grant program

Виконавці проєкту

The project Polymeric hydrogels for safe and efficient vaccines, prepared by a scientific team under the leadership of Professor Oleksandr Zaichenko, the Department of Organic Chemistry, the Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technologies, received funding as part of the NATO grant program Science for Peace and Security, SPS – G6107. In this project Lviv Polytechnic researchers are partners with researchers from the University of Health Sciences in Turkey.

Together, the scientists will synthesize functional hydrogels with individual architecture, functionality, colloidal and chemical characteristics and develop experimental vaccines containing new polymeric hydrogels and pathogen antigen, as well as evaluate their efficacy and safety in animals.

The project brings together well-known chemists from Lviv Polytechnic National University – Oleksandr Zaichenko, Nataliia Mitina, Khrystyna Harhai, Volodymyr Ivasiv, Roman Nebesnyi and Oleh Izhyk, biologists from the Institute of Cell Biology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine – Rostyslav Stoika and Nataliia Finiuk, and from the Institute of Animal Biology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine – Maria Kozak and Iryna Petrukh.

The project will result in the development of new universal safe adjuvants for effective vaccines, as well as the mechanism of their action, immunogenic efficacy and possible side effects after use.

There have already been held several online meetings between managers, executors, and coordinators within the project. They discussed the details of the project implementation, shared their experience, discussed the issues, chose formats of communication and interaction between participants, etc.

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