Lviv Polytechnic researchers are being actively published in the publications of the international Scopus database

Заставка до матеріалу

In recent years, there has been a positive trend in the growing number of publications. For example, in 2020 there were 975 of them, which is 235 more than in 2019, and as of August 3, 2021, researchers from our University have already published 543 papers. Accordingly, the ratio of the number of publications per person is growing: in 2019 – 0.3, and in 2020 – 0.45. According to Roman Nebesnyi, Head of Research and Development Department, Lviv Polytechnic, this figure will approach 0.5 this year, as the number of scientific papers in Scopus publications is growing.

It is important for a modern researcher to be published in the publications of the International Scientometric Database Scopus, as these publications at the international level tell about the topic of research that researchers are working on, the issues they face, and their achievements. It should be noted that Scopus is one of the most respected international scientometric databases, which are bibliographic and abstract platforms that compile lists of noteworthy scientific publications and carry out their scientometric processing, track citations of works published in these publications, and determine the relevant indexes.