Lviv Polytechnic is creating an Innovative Science Park for over 32 million hryvnias


The Innovative Science Park of Lviv Polytechnic on Kniazia Romana Street in Lviv, is the largest development project, which is funded this year by the State Fund for Regional Development in Lviv region. Its implementation has already started.

Currently, dismantling works are being carried out in the building on more than 3,000 square meters and the capacity of the power grids is being increased. The work was inspected by the head of Lviv Regional State Administration Maksym Kozytskyi and the project manager of Lviv Polytechnic Nazarii Podolchak.

«There must be the overhaul of the building No. 20 at 3a Kniazia Romana Street in Lviv and the creation of research laboratories, exhibition, information and communication platforms. It will become the place for generating new developments, startups, their transfer, commercialization and introduction of innovations to the market through the enterprises of the Park. Researchers, students, entrepreneurs and young startup makers will be able to meet here. Such innovation hubs are very important for strengthening various branches of entrepreneurship and development of Lviv region in general», said Maksym Kozytskyi.

The cost of the project is over 32 million hryvnias, 21.6 million of which are planned to be involved this year. 17 million is money from the State Fund for Regional Development, and more than 4 – from the budget of the region and the city.

On the basis of the future center we plan to unite Tech StartUp School, technological laboratory and free access to «Tech Labinno», Absolute Solution Hub, Technology and Innovation Support Centers (TISC), Tech Business School of Lviv Polytechnic, StartUp Market, High School of Public Leadership, coworking spaces with 170 jobs, representative offices of Research and Design Institutes of Lviv and the region», explained the concept Nazarii Podolchak.

One of the important goals of the project is the creation of 36 small innovative enterprises and several dozen new high-paying jobs.