Ihor Zhuk’s lecture about Alfred Zachariewicz was held in the Polytechnic Scientific and Technical Library

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The lecture on the topic «Alfred Zachariewicz – a pioneer of reinforced concrete construction and a legislator of style in the architecture of Lviv at the beginning of the 20th century» was held in the Lviv Polytechnic Scientific and Technical Library. The event was held as part of a series of presentations dedicated to the life and work of Julian and Alfred Zachariewicz organized by the Lviv Photo Museum, the Ukrainian Photographic Society and the Scientific and Technical Library of Lviv Polytechnic National University.

In August 2021, one hundred years have passed since the birth of Alfred Władysław Krystian Robert Zachariewicz – an outstanding master of Lviv architecture of the first third of the last century, a talented designer of the best Lviv buildings. His professional portfolio includes such landmarks as the building of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry on 17–19 Shevchenko Avenue, a bank building on 4 Kopernyka Street, a complex of monumental late-Secession tenements on Valova Street and many other architectural objects.

During his speech, Ihor Zhuk, Lviv architectural historian, Associate Professor at the Department of History of the UCU, shared interesting details from the life and work of the famous architect and showed on the screen photos of buildings designed by the artist.

– The role of Alfred Zachariewicz as the initiator of the introduction of the latest technologies into architectural and construction practice, in particular reinforced concrete structures system of the Francois Hennebeek, remains a little-known fact. The architect actively used reinforced concrete in his projects, which he implemented in Lviv and Galicia in general, says Ihor Zhuk.

The lecturer adds that Zachariewicz was extremely ambitious from his youth. At the beginning of his professional career, he appeared as a follower of the new style – Secession, which triumphantly spread in the art and architecture of that time. The artist considered it his mission to introduce Art Nouveau forms into the architectural landscape of Lviv.

– Alfred is the son of Professor Julian Zachariewicz, designer of the main building of Lviv Polytechnic and in general a prominent person in the history and culture of Lviv. But, looking at his portrait in his youth, I see a little rebel – a boy who wanted to resemble his father and at the same time be his complete opposite, stressed Ihor Zhuk.

Alfred Zachariewicz is one of the cultural heroes of Lviv. He left a deep mark on the architecture of the city, which we can still trace today. By the way, people who come to Lviv by train to the railway station and enter the city through concrete tunnels, have no idea that they were created by the famous architect.

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