Head of the Department of Applied Physics and Nanomaterials Science Anatolii Andrushchak: «I am proud to be Ukrainian»

Анатолій Андрущак

The head of the Department of Applied Physics and Nanomaterials Science, the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Basic Sciences, Lviv Polytechnic, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Anatolii Andrushchak shares his feelings and thoughts.

Professor Andrushchak, how has your life changed after the full-scale invasion of Ukraine?

There was no panic as such. I had a clear plan of action and followed it. Volunteering was also added to the list. Since I have colleagues and work in several international projects, I tried to convey true information about the events in Ukraine. He also joined the collection and supply of ammunition and aid to the army.

We have been actively working at the Department for several weeks now, because education and science must develop. After all, as our rector Yurii Bobalo said: "Educated people have great advantages over the ignorant".

What is the atmosphere in the team?

We gather for meetings, both offline and online. We communicate, share thoughts and news. We discuss plans and opportunities to achieve them. Each worker is involved in helping soldiers and IDPs to the best of their ability. Everyone tells their stories. In general, we try to support each other, although sometimes there are difficult moments. But the fighting spirit and the desire to fulfill our responsibilities help us to resolve all disputes and get new ideas from it.

What can you say about the educational process?

Students are always in touch with teachers and group mentors. Training is conducted according to the schedule, classes take place online. There are moments when students warn that they are involved in certain public initiatives, volunteering, etc., then we agree with them to shift classes, or record materials. Everyone knows how to act in case of air-raid siren. We do not give up, we work and support our young generation, because they are the future of a free Ukraine!

Are scientific projects developing?

Due to the war, some state projects were suspended. At the same time, international projects are developing and we are actively working on the tasks set. We have something to work on and we involve all employees and students in this as much as possible.

When do you think you can expect to win?

I am not a military expert, so I cannot give you an answer to this question. However, I firmly believe that the strength of spirit of our people, the high qualification of all units of the Armed Forces, assistance from abroad and international support will bring us victory in the near future. And the whole world knows that Ukrainians is a brave nation. I am proud to be Ukrainian. I believe in victory!

Professor Andrushchak, thank you for communication. We do not stop and move to victory! Everything will be Ukraine!