Greetings from the Rector of Lviv Polytechnic with Happy New Year and Merry Christmas

Rector of Lviv Polytechnic
Новорічна ялинка у Львівській політехніці

Dear Polytechnicians!

The year 2022 stopped for all of us at the mark of February 24, when the enemy began to destroy our usual life, kill, devastate everything we used to live by. The air alarms that woke Ukraine at dawn that day became the beginning of our desperate struggle...

This year is the most terrible of all that we have experienced. We suffered so many losses... But at the same time, we, Ukrainians, rallied, crystallized into a single nation that did not allow the enemy army to realize any of its goals.

Thank you to everyone who did not give up at this time, but started to fight – at the front, in volunteering, in daily work.

Lviv Polytechnic has also changed this year.

We have shown unity in helping our Armed Forces.

We opened our arms to our compatriots who were forced to leave their homes due to hostilities in their cities and villages.

We continued the educational process, realizing how important it is now to train specialists who, both during the war and after our victory, will rebuild and create Ukraine.

I am grateful to our friends and partners, who did not stand aside in such a difficult time, but helped and supported Lviv Polytechnic, rooting for us, sharing our values.

Celebrating Christmas, let’s try to fill it with a deeper meaning than usual! After all, today so many people need a ray of hope that will illuminate the darkness of war. Let’s give a helping hand to those who, for various reasons, are going through a difficult hour.

May the New Year bring us such expected and dreamed of victory and peace! I wish that your hearts were filled with joy, harmony and peace prevailed in families, and the dearest people were with you!