Dreams, brutal city and pirate guides: festival «Vesna politechniky still» going

Natalya Yatsenko, Iryna Martin, «Audytoriya»; Hanna Svynarenko, INPP
 фестиваль «Весна Політехніки»

The festival «Vesna politechniky» still going. Last week Broadcast engineers, chemists and students of social sciences demonstrated their creative skills.

Politechnic seek for superheroes.

It was one more rainy evening in Lviv. Usually during such evening I want to have a warm cup of coffee, but on 12th April «Vesna politechniky» presented us with one more cozy, bright and inspiring performance from the Institute of electronics and telecommunications.

The students showed the story of the man that wanted to be a superhero and finally they saved the audience from spring boredom for 30 minutes. Has it ever happened to you that nobody trusted in your dream? I suppose, it has, little ambitious astronaut-dreamers and ballerinas adulthood often turns into engineers and cashiers. Sometimes they need just a little bit of support.

The same situation happened in the life of the main character. His parents and girlfriend were discouraging him from becoming the guitarist trying to make him work in the office.

Very often we can hear from our loved ones that «first of all you should get a decent education and a normal job», but what do you have to do when the whole plan is accomplished, but you still understand that it’s not your cup of tea? At this very moment, a supportive friend is needed as never before.

Luckily, this boy has such a person in his life, the person who supported him and believed in his abilities. Right after that, like a rabbit out of a hat a proposal to play in a real music band has appeared. It should be noted that last year’s winners treated the performance responsibly: the main idea was successfully supported with musical and dance numbers of talented boys and girls.

The Hall gave a standing ovation You still don’t believe that such a thing can happen to you? Spring, especially «Spring in Politechnic University» ( «Vesna politechniky») inspires for new accomplishments and the Institute of electronics and telecommunications invite you to look around right now. 

«Sons of Bryton» on stage The middle of last week was marked with successful chemists’ performance.

Although the show began an hour later than it was planned, the students succeeded in realization of their creative plan. At 6.30 PM (supposed time of play’s beginning), the visitors start to enter the hall but our actors are in the midst of rehearsals. Firstly, it seems that they don’t see anyone but few minutes later they hastily ask guests to leave the hall for 30 more minutes. The rehearsal takes too much time. Suddenly Dmytro Balyta (as it turned out, he is the main character of the play) squalls in the microphone and brings everybody to their senses: «If we don’t start right now, then nobody will come next year!!». At 7.30 PM starts a half-hour show.

Amateur actors don’t appear traditionally from the wings but from the auditorium. Meanwhile, the main character- Mr.White Jr. – stresses that performance is all about 20s XX in a little town called Brighton on the south of England. Brighton is full of brutality and cruelty of 2 gangs. They are former soldiers who are working things out and having the big fights all the time.

Brighton is dominated by arrogance and contemp. «How should we live with this?» the main character asks and looks for an answer. Everybody interprets this problems and findings of answers differently. Two families meet at an abandoned demesne and they are ready to fight. Finally, somebody wins. History is written by the victors. Two conclusions could be made: to finish a war you should know what had caused it; every conflict can be solved peacefully.

The jury pointed out good acting, coordinated extras’ work, entourage and organizational training. The effect of performance was intensified by the sounds of accordion and cembalo, folk song about the plight of a hireling and also well chosen decorations. All their enthusiasm the actors carried till the final which was ended with standing applause.