In February two IMFS academics work on research internship programs in the Republic of Poland

Фото зі стажування

On February 28, Taras Poliovyi, Candidate of Political Science, assistant at the Department of International Information, the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Fundamental Sciences, Lviv Polytechnic, will complete his individual research, started in October 2021. Taras Poliovyi participates in the Visegrad Scholarship Program.

The implementation of his individual research is based on the Department of International Relations and Modern History, the Faculty of History and International Relations, the University of Bialystok, Republic of Poland, under the leadership of Dr. Habilitated, Professor Eugeniusz Mironowicz.

Among other things, joint and individual applications for participation in international academic mobility programs were prepared and submitted to the competition together with Polish colleagues.

From February 1, 2022, Liubomyr Khakhula, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Assistant at the Department of International Information, conducts research at the Institute of Political Studies, the Polish Academy of Sciences, with the support of the Richard Pipes Laboratory of the Institute.

This year, Liubomyr Khakhula became a scholar of this laboratory, which allows him to work in the Library of Richard Pipes (1923–2018) – a famous American Sovietologist of Polish descent, director of the Russian Research Center Studies at Harvard University. Acquaintance with the latest scientific literature, analysis of sources from the Archives of Political Parties of the Institute of Political Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences will help Liubomyr successfully implement the research project «Ukrainian National Minority in Poland: Politics of Memory after 2014».

At the same time, joint Ukrainian-Polish project proposals are being developed for submission under current international research programs.

It’s worth mentioning that Taras Poliovyi and Liubomyr Khakhula were the speakers at the webinar organized by the Department of International Information on «Scholarship Programs of the Center for Oriental Studies at the University of Warsaw: Experience of Participation from Academics of the Department of International Information».

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