Factors influencing Lviv Polytechnic position in world and national rankings

Ілюстрація до рейтингування

The fact that every researcher and academic can influence the development of the University is often told about at Lviv Polytechnic. The importance of such cooperation at the level of Departments and Institutes in order to obtain high positions in world and national rankings was discussed at the recent meeting of the University Academic Board. Liliia Zhuk, Vice-Rector for Education and Strategic Development, told researchers about the basic requirements of different rankings and the positions of our University.

It should be noted that this year Lviv Polytechnic has significantly improved its position, rising from the university group of 801–1000 to the 501–600 category in one of the world’s most prestigious rankings – Times Higher Education. Our university is one of the only two HEIs of Ukraine, which entered this category.

Also, Polytechnic is a leader among Ukrainian universities by three subjects and one subject category it shares with only one Ukrainian university. According to the results of the rankings, Lviv Polytechnic improved its position in key indicators and rose in all four branches of science. Thus, in the Computer Science subject the University moved from the group of 251–300 universities to the category 201–250, while one Ukrainian HEI entered the category 301–400, others – 601–800. In Business and Economics, our University also showed positive dynamics, moving from the category of 501+ to the position of 301–400, other Ukrainian universities took the place of 601+, and one – 401–500. In Physical Sciences, Lviv Polytechnic rose from 601–800 category to 501–600, other Ukrainian HEIs reached 1001+. The same dynamics was shown by our University in Engineering and Technology, rising from category 601–800 to 501–600, one more Ukrainian university is positioned in this category, others – in categories 601–800, 801–1000 and 1001+.

In the QS World University Rankings, Lviv Polytechnic did not change its position, entering the category 751–800, and took 6th place among Ukrainian universities.

Last year, Polytechnic entered the list of 25 best universities in the world in the field of International Joint Publications. U-Multirank is a multidimensional, user-driven approach to international ranking of higher education institutions. The ranking compares specific aspects of higher education institutions. This nomination includes only one Ukrainian medical university.

As for the national rankings, according to the scientometric database SciVerse Scopus 2020 Lviv Polytechnic took 8th place among 177 Ukrainian higher education institutions. The ranking takes into account the indicators of the Scopus database, which is a tool for tracking the citation of academic articles published by the institution or its staff.

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