Competition «Network of innovative solutions for the future of democracy» from the Horizon Europe program

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The Project Office, Lviv Polytechnic National University, invites you to write project proposals for the «Network of Innovative Solutions for the Future of Democracy» competition from the Horizon Europe program.

Projects related to the creation of a network of democracy researchers together with civic participation practitioners (civil society organizations) can receive financial support, that will contribute to the future policy of strengthening and renewing democracy in Europe in accordance with the priority of the European Commission – «a new push for European democracy».

The task of this network should be to ensure that European politicians recommend the most adapted policy actions and innovations in the public sector in order to strengthen and renew their democratic practices aimed at solving current challenges at all levels of governance and legislative bodies in Europe, through information activities and dissemination of information.

Main priorities:

  • Artificial Intelligence;
  • Social Interaction;
  • Social and Humanitarian Sciences;
  • Digitization.

The project should last at least 36 months.

The deadline is September 21, 2022, 17:00 Brussels time.

Budget: 3 million EUR.

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