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Гуртки Малої технічної академії


Institute of Telecommunications, Radioelectronics and Electronic Engineering

Director of Institute: DScTec., prof. Ivan Prudyus
First Deputy Director, Dean for Master Studies: DScTec., Assoc. prof. Bohdan Strykhaliuk
Deputy Director, Dean for Bachelor Studies: CScTec., Assoc. Prof. Leonid Ozirkovskyi
Deputy Dean for Master Studies: CScTec., Assoc. prof. Volodymyr Fast
Deputy Dean for Bachelor Studies: CScTec., Assoc. prof. Roman Kolodii

2 Profesorska St., Building 11, Room 209

Номер(и) телефону: 
(032) 258-25-55
(032) 258-23-88
(032) 258-24-20
(032) 258-26-05
itre.dept [at] lpnu.ua
iprudyus [at] lp.edu.ua


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