Scientific Activity of the Department of Finance

Scientific Activity of the Department of Finance

The scientific and pedagogical staff of the Department of Finance actively combines teaching with research, which helps to increase the efficiency of the educational process, improve the content of education taking into account the current state and trends of economic, financial and innovative activities, implementation of advanced forms of training. improving teaching methods, etc.


Research areas:

  • implementation of state budget and economic contract research work;
  • preparation of dissertations for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Science by graduate students, assistants and professors of the department;
  • writing textbooks, manuals, monographs, lecture notes, scientific papers, etc. (;
  • participation in national and international scientific-practical and scientific-methodological conferences;
  • internship in the institutions of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukrainian and foreign educational institutions;
  • scientific cooperation with public authorities, local governments, enterprises in the form of round tables, symposiums, conferences, seminars, etc.;
  • research work with students (research student group “Financier” (


Research work:

  • The capitalization processes management problems in conditions of innovative development of enterprises (FIN-4; State Registration No. 0112U000799 – closed in 2016);
  • Forming the processes of ensuring economic security in the system of crisis management (FIN-5; State Registration No. 0112U000800 – closed in 2016);
  • Mechanisms for managing corporate financial flows in the context of the globalization of markets (FIN-6; State Registration No. 0112U000801 – closed in 2016);
  • Problems of financial and credit support for sustainable economic development in the process of scientific and technical preparation of production (FIN -8; State Registration No. 0117U004018; 2017-2021);
  • Development of debt financing of Ukraine’s economy (FIN-9; State Registration No. 0117U004121– closed in 2019);
  • Financial flows in cross-border academic mobility (FIN-10; State Registration No. 0119U102396; 2019-2023);
  • Digitalization of public finance: scientific and theoretical concepts and practical discourse (FIN-11; State Registration No. 0121U110161; 2021-2025).


Scientific and technical services:

  • modern practices for tax burden optimising;
  • investigation of the pecularities of financing the health care system according to the insurance principle;
  • evaluating the economic efficiency of production;
  • management of financial resources of enterprises.


Main partners: 

  • Department of Finance of Lviv Regional State Administration;
  • Territorial office of the Accounting Chamber in Lviv, Volyn, Rivne and Ternopil Regions (in Lviv);
  • “Excombud” LLC;
  • “Sofia” LLC;
  • “Galician Construction Guild” LLC;
  • “Galychkhutro” Ltd;
  • ALC “Lviv-Restoration”;
  • PE “Research and Production Firm BIARP”;
  • “Lemberg Group” LLC;
  • Gradvent Ltd.;
  • “Ukrainian sources” Ltd.



  • Advisory services on "Formation of a strategic controlling system in " Exkombud " LLC.
  • Advisory services on "Assessment of the economic effect of the introduction of energy-saving technologies in PrJSC" GOOD WATER ".
  • Advisory services on "Estimation of the economic effect of cost optimization for “Sofia” LLC.
  • Advisory services on "Implementation of the model of integrated financial risk management in " Galician Construction Guild " LLC;
  • Advisory services on “Estimation of economic effect from cost optimization at PE “FOLGA-SERVICE”;
  • Advisory services on “Economic efficiency of livestock production evaluating at  “Galychkhutro” Ltd.”;
  • Advisory services on “Development of financial strategy at ALC “Lviv-Restoration”;
  • Advisory services on “Formation of a systematic approach to costing of the Private Enterprise “Research and Production Firm “BIARP””;
  • Advisory services on “Management of financial resources of “Lemberg Group” LLC in conditions of economic instability”.
  • Advisory services on “Anti-crisis management of the business entity IE Pokhyliuk S.M.”.
  • Advisory services on “Diagnostics of the level of financial and economic security at LLC “WESTERN UKRAINIAN TRAINING CENTER FOR LABOR PROTECTION”.
  • Advisory services on “Methods of strategic cost management at PRIVATE ENTERPRISE “PROMTECHIMPEKS”.
  • Advisory services on “Minimizing costs as a means of increasing profitability at Trading House "Sofia" Ltd.”
  • Advisory services on “Development of the financial development strategy of Gradvent Ltd.”
  • Advisory services on “Anti-crisis program and formation of the financial management system at “Ukrainian sources” Ltd.”


At the department, there is a research laboratory R&DLab - 100 (Head of the laboratory - ScD, Professor M.Bondsrchuk).


The department has generally recognised scientific schools in Ukraine, conducts training of highly qualified scientific personnel through postgraduate studies. During the existence of the department, its employees have defended doctoral dissertations (I. Alekseev, L. Shkvarchuk, M. Bondarchuk, I. Khoma). PhD dissertations are also successfully defended annually. A number of monographs, manuals and textbooks with the stamp of the Ministry of Education and Science, hundreds of papers in domestic and foreign journals have been published.



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