«And in the midst of grief to rejoice»: the evening in memory of Vira Vovk and the presentation of the writer’s posthumous collection

Афіша заходу

On March 22, 2023, an evening in memory of Vira Vovk and a presentation of her posthumous collection will be held in the Assembly Hall of the main building of Lviv Polytechnic National University. The event is organized by the International Institute of Education, Culture and Diaspora Relations.

Vira Vovk is an outstanding Ukrainian writer, translator and scientist who spent most of her life abroad, but never forgot her native land. She was a Ukrainian of Brazil, a person of incredible optimism and hard work, and also a great friend of IECDR. The event «And in the midst of grief to rejoice...» takes place on the World Poetry Day. It is held in memory of Vira Vovk – Ukrainian woman of Brazil and is an ode to the life of a strong woman, artist and mentor. Friends, colleagues and fans will share memories of this special person.

At the evening, there will be music and poems. The P&P Quintet of the Garrison Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul (UGCC) and the Polyphonia Chamber Orchestra of Prosvita People’s House, Lviv Polytechnic, will perform compositions that Vira Vovk loved so much.

The writer’s friends – Roman Yatsiv, an artist, historian and art theorist, Fr. Roman Kravchyk, a rector of St. George’s Cathedral, cultural figures Zoia Lisovska and Vira Bilevych, writers Andrzej Chodacki and Tadeusz Karabowicz (Republic of Poland), Iryna Kliuchkovska, director of IECDR – will share memories of their friend, show photos from private archives and read her poems, in particular from the first posthumous collection «Heroica». The Rector of Lviv Polytechnic National University, Professor Yurii Bobalo, and the rector of the Garrison Church, Fr. Taras Mykhalchuk, will also address the audience.

The organizers invite all connoisseurs of the poetry of Vira Vovk, as well as those who would like to learn more about the Ukrainian poetess of Brazil, to the Assembly Hall of the main building of Lviv Polytechnic. The evening in memory of Vira Vovk will fill you with strength and zeal to never fall into despair, especially in this difficult time of the Russia’s war in Ukraine.

The event starts at 16:00.

For details, contact the IECDR at the e-mail address iiec@miok.lviv.ua. The mass media is asked to contact us at press@miok.lviv.ua and +38(032) 258–01–51.