All-Ukrainian scientific and practical conference «Public administration during the war and postwar period in Ukraine»

Заставка конференції

The Institute of Administration and Postgraduate Education and the Institute of Public Administration, Lviv Polytechnic National University, together with co-organizers invite you to participate in the All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference «Public Administration during the War and Postwar Period in Ukraine» which will take place online on April 15–28, 2022.

Main directions of the conference

  1. Public-administrative potential of Ukraine’s victory in the information and semantic war against the Russian Federation
  2. Security aspects of national public administration
  3. Ensuring the sustainability, revitalization and development of regions and territorial communities in Ukraine
  4. Economic governance of Ukraine during the war and postwar period
  5. Humanitarian and scientific determinants of Ukraine’s development in the conditions of war and in the postwar period
  6. Public administration in the field of education during the war and postwar period
  7. Sociocultural and psychological aspects of public administration during the war and postwar period
  8. Ensuring the unity of civil society and the political and managerial elite during the war and postwar period
  9. Today’s tasks of modernization of Ukraine

To participate in the conference, you must submit the necessary materials to the conference organizing committee till April 13, 2022.

More details – in the conference call for papers.