Center for Chinese-Ukrainian Cooperation

Head of the Center: DSc (Econ.), Assoc. Prof. Mykhailo Yastrubskyi
23 Sakharova St., room C4, C5
Phone number(s)
(099) 142-49-29

The integration of Lviv Polytechnic National University into the international sphere of education and science is one of the priority directions of its prospective development strategy. Establishing close relationships in the educational, scientific and cultural sphere with the People’s Republic of China occupy an important place. Today, China has one of the most advanced economics in the world. Chinese institutions of higher education rank high in the well-known international university rankings.

The aim of the Center for Chinese-Ukrainian Cooperation is to promote the development of relationships with universities, institutions and business centers of the PRC, and to conduct educational cultural exchanges, joint conferences, forums etc.