Запобігання поширенню коронавіусу 2019-nCoV

Олімпіада для вступників (2-й тур - 29.05.2020)


Scientific and Educational Center of Innovation Technologies and Nanoengineering

Prof. Anatolii Andrushchak, Doctor of Engineering
anatolii.s.andrushchak [at] lpnu.ua

Research and development areas:

  • fundamental and applied studies (including interdisciplinary) and development of the applications that target international markets, design and development of new devices, technologies and materials, in particular, nanotechnologies and nanomaterials;
  • studies of the physical properties of crystalline bulk and nanocomposite materials and development of the devices based on such material;
  • transfer of technologies as a part of scientific, technical and production cooperation with industry and small enterprises. Formation of innovative business environment involving small enterprises.