Research Laboratory of Automation of Technological Processes and Metering of Energy Carriers

Prof. Yevhen Pistun, Doctor of Engineering
Associate Prof. Fedir Matiko, Doctor of Engineering
Phone number(s)
+38 (032) 258-25-16

Research and development areas:

  1. Automation and optimization of technological processes of various fields of industry;
  2. Performing scientific studies and practical developments on improvement of accuracy of fluid energy carriers flowrate and volume measurement to provide the possibility of energy carriers saving;
  3. Performing scientific studies on development of methodological and technological basis for normalization and management of thermal energy metering in residential and municipal economy area of Ukraine;
  4. Development of devices for measurement of properties and compositions of gases and gas mixtures as well as systems for their metrological base;
  5. Development of automated systems for measurement of heat conductivity of building materials.