Research Laboratory “Foreign Trade and Customs”

Prof. Olha Melnyk, Doctor of Economics
Phone number(s)
+38 (032) 258-27-25

Research and development areas:

  • Research in problems of management in foreign economic and customs activities of enterprises;
  • Research in problems of optimization of management systems in the conditions of globalization;
  • Research in the problems concerning the formation of management systems in the conditions of European integration;
  • Research in problems concerning development of systems of development of administrative and managerial competences of managers at the enterprises and organizations;
  • Research in the problems of the optimization of technology for the implementation of foreign economic operations of enterprises;
  • Research in problems of implementation of systems of economic diagnostics at enterprises;
  • Research in problems of optimization of expenses for formation and maintenance of industrial stocks of enterprises;
  • Research in problems of development of budgeting systems at enterprises.