List of Performed Works

List of performed works

  1. Development of TU.U 19.2-0271010-166:2015. Technical standards. Road bitumen modified with indene-coumarone resin.
  2. Development of demulsifier PM-1441 for oil dehydration and desalting while crude oil treating at refineries and oil producing companies.
  3. Development of corrosion inhibitor DEOL-4241 to protect equipment from corrosion caused by oil, brine and water condensates, hydrocarbon and water vapours containing aggressive gases.
  4. Development of neutralizer DEOL-3241 for using at refineries and gas plants to maintain the desired pH level in the upper streams of distillation columns and refrigerator-condensers during primary distillation of crude oil and gas condensate.
  5. Development of SOU 11.1-00135390-034:2006 Inhibitor protection from pipelines, oil and gas equipment corrosion. The standard is applied for inhіbitors used in aqueous systems with a pH close to neutral. The standard defines the corrosion tests for laboratory and industrial equipment by measuring corrosion rate using electrochemical and gravimetric methods.
  6. Development of IBC I.1.1—00013741-001:2008 “Flare systems. Industrial safety. Basic requirements”. The standard set requirements for the construction and operation of flare systems according to all safety requirements.
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