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Research at the Department of Organic Chemistry (OC)

Developments in production

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The research area of the Department is focused on the development of reactive and initiating systems for the functionalization (including peroxidation) of the interface, formation of special polymer nanolayers at the interface, and design of filled composites and biocompatible, biodegradable polymer materials as well as the modification of natural compounds.

The group of the development of novel reactive polymer materials for special applications. Supervisors of the group: Prof. Stanislav Voronov, Doc. Volodymyr Samaryk

Voronov S., Kohut A., Tarnavchyk I., Voronov A. Advances in Reactive Polymeric Surfactants for Interface Modification

Research interests of the group cover the synthesis of reactive compounds, surface and interface functionalization, interfacial reactions, adhesives, nanocomposites, core-shell latexes, polymer blends, colloidal stabilization of particles and pigments, modification of natural polymers, biocompatibility, drug delivery systems (e.g., hydrogels and micellar structures).

The group of functional polymers and nanomaterials. Supervisor of the group: Prof. Victor Tokarev

Research interests of the group cover the synthesis of reactive polymers, surface modification with polymers, thin polymer films, dispersion polymerization, polymerization at the interface, filled composites, conducting polymers, colloids, nanoclasters and semiconducting quantum dots, nanocomposites.

The group of the synthesis of functional monomers, initiators, and surfactants. Supervisor of the group: Doc. Orest Hevus

Research interests of the group cover the synthesis and characterization of novel functional monomers, initiators, and reactive surfactants for the development of surface modifiers and materials of biomedical application.

Faculty members and researchers of the Department in the Scopus database

Researcher Documents Citations Hirsch index(h-index)
1 S. Voronov, Dr. Chem. Sci., Prof. & Chair 88 484 12
2 Yu. Panchenko, Cand. Chem. Sci., Docent & Deputy Chair 2 2 1
3 O. Budishevska, Dr. Chem. Sci., Prof. 9 13 2
4 O. Hevus, Dr. Chem. Sci., Docent 18 80 5
5 A. Kohut, Dr. Chem. Sci., Docent 48 358 10
6 V. Samaryk, Dr. Chem. Sci., Docent 20 93 6
7 V. Tokarev, Dr. Chem. Sci., Prof. 35 173 7
8 S. Varvarenko, Dr. Chem. Sci., Assist. 15 64 5
9 A. Zaichenko, Dr. Chem. Sci., Leading Researcher 57 222 8
10 M. Chobit, Cand. Chem. Sci., Researcher 1 0 0
11 V. Donchak, Cand. Chem. Sci., Docent 13 27 3
12 R. Fleychuk, Cand. Chem. Sci., Researcher 4 8 2
13 Kh. Harhay, Cand. Chem. Sci., Researcher 8 27 3
14 N. Kinash, Cand. Chem. Sci., Researcher 1 3 1
15 Yu. Lastukhin, Cand. Chem. Sci., Docent 5 25 1
16 E. Nikitishyn, Cand. Techn. Sci., Junior Researcher 1 0 0
17 N. Nosova, Cand. Chem. Sci., Senior Researcher 14 64 5
18 H. Ohar, Cand. Chem. Sci., Junior Researcher 4 8 2
19 V. Serdiuk, Cand. Chem. Sci., Researcher 2 0 0
20 O. Shevchuk, Cand. Chem. Sci., Senior Researcher 18 59 4
21 Yu. Stetsyshyn, Cand. Chem. Sci., Docent 12 39 4
22 V. Vasilyev, Cand. Chem. Sci., Docent 2 27 2
23 ШV. Vostres, Cand. Chem. Sci., Researcher 3 0 0
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