Higher Geodesy and Astronomy Department History

Geodesy and Spherical Astronomy Department was founded on June 18, 1871. Professor D. Zbrozhek was the first head of the Department. On December 28, 1894 the Spherical Astronomy and Higher Geodesy Department was eastablished. V. Lyaska — astronomer, land surveyor, geophysicist and seismologist became the head of the Department. It was he who became the head of the astronomical observatory and meteorological station in 1899 and in 1901 founded and from now on managed the seismic station in Lviv Polytechnic National University. From 1909 to 1941 the Spheric Astronomy Department was headed by professor L. Grabovskii — a famous land surveyor and astronomer. Next head of the Department was professor Y.Rizner — land surveyor and astronomer.Besides, from 1941 till 1944 he led the astronomic observatory and seismic station.

In 1945 the geodesy faculty with two departments: 1) geodesy 2) astronomy and higher geodesy was founded in Lviv Polytecnic Institute. The last was headed by professor O. Kobylin. Since 1949 M. Mygal has become the head of Astronomy and Higher Geodesy Department.

In 1968 the Astronomy and Higher Geodesy Department was divided into two Departments: Higher Geodesy and Gravimetry, which was led by professor M. Mygal, and Space Geodesy and Astronomy, which was headed by professor A.Butkevuch. Simultaneously the geological section was attached to the Space Geodesy Department.

In 1974 two previously mentioned Departments were joined into one — Higher Geodesy and Astronomy. The created Department was headed by associate professor V. Kovalenko. Since 1985 the associate professor (further professor) F. Zablotskyi has led the Department.

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