Summer School in Chemistry and Biology «C&B Camp – 2023» for 8–10 grades students in Lviv and the region

Фрагмент афіші школи

On June 12–16, 2023, Lviv Polytechnic National University together with the Lviv Regional Small Academy of Sciences will hold the Summer School in Chemistry and Biology «C&B Camp – 2023». Here you can learn more about the exciting world of modern technologies and find new friends to create projects in teams.

The Summer School program includes:

  • experiments in organic and inorganic chemistry;
  • useful biotechnologies in human life;
  • possibilities of computer modeling in chemistry;
  • research on the quality of food products;
  • plastic products and their processing;
  • oil – a raw material for fuels and not only;
  • implementation of one’s own project «Drinking water quality assessment».

The 8th – 10th grades students of general secondary education institutions of the city of Lviv and the region are invited to participate in the event. The classes will be held offline.


Organization fee – 200 hryvnias.

Register and enjoy the summer!